1. I haven’t quite managed to find a job that I love yet. I was in the middle of working on a graduate degree and discovered that I really didn’t love what I was doing as much as I thought… So I’m still working on finding my place. Thanks for the great article!

  2. Dymphna,I quit using PP years ago. I knowtoo many folks and organizationsthat had this happen to themJerry Golden of the Golden Reporthad money confiscated by PP and has yet to get it back. I have used it here on a limited basis but no more and as my account still exists, it now won't. Future donations from me will be a check or cashiers Check fromour credit Union. I have noproblem using checks and getting them to the postal service.I REFUSE to pay any of our billsonline, period.

  3. autostrade, chilometri su chilometri, per raggiungersi o scappare insieme, senza sabati ma con qualche lunedi, le parole non dette all’inizio sanno di “altro” e dopo mesi – e chilometri e mark lanegan e Antony & The Johnson’s e paolo conte- sanno di pietre pesanti come scogli.


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